Nature Activities

In December 2010, the East Devon AONB Team presented the Devon County Council Parish Biodiversity Audit Report for Beer to the Parish Council. In liaison with our local wildlife champion, Pat Farrell, the Parish Council was keen to identify some practical outcomes from the parish biodiversity audit and to use local green spaces to celebrate and raise awareness of the wildlife and landscape features of the parish. The emerging project became known as 'Wildscapes'. The aims of Wildscapes are: 

  • To help visitors and residents to find out more about wildlife in their parish greenspaces
  • To be a starting point for encouraging further involvement in the local conservation charity – the Axe Vale and district Conservation Society
  • To provide additional information about the village and the East Devon AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).


A Deer at Fairview

Wildlife Rubbing Plaques

Six resin plaques have been sited around the Jubilee depicting wildlife images - find the plaques, produce a rubbing of the wildlife image and learn more about some species native to the parish. Click on the link to download the wildlife rubbing sheets.

Living Churchyards

Churchyards provide a sanctuary for wildlife, with little disturbance from people and a range of different mini-habitats. To discover more about churchyard ecology click on the link. Click here for a list of listed buildings in Beer.

Wildlife Rubbing Plaque

Jubilee Cowerslea NatureTrail

Click on this link to download the Jubilee Cowerslea Nature Trail leaflet which starts outside the children's playground in Jubilee Gardens.  

Beer Heritage Centre

Click on this link to visit the Beer Heritage Centre website and found out more about the fine foundation centre in Beer and associated resources and activities.