A Vision for Beer

Published: 23 March 2022

In May 2021, HemingwayDesign were appointed by Beer Parish Council (using the Coastal Community grant) to develop a Vision and feasibility study for three key seafront opportunity sites – Jubilee gardens, the play area and Charlie’s Yard. HemingwayDesign has now produced an online survey based on proposals in the Vision Document.  The survey will be disseminated as widely as possible amongst the business and local community and visitors. Please use the link below to take part in the survey (which also includes a link to the draft Vision Document).  The survey is also available on the Parish Council website.


HemingwayDesign will collect and analyse the survey data and reassess the original Vision Document accordingly. Further to this, HemingwayDesign will visit Beer during the Easter holidays to provide an on-site consultation day and the results of this will feed into the final Vision Document which will ultimately be presented to the village for approval.

The proposals in the Vision Document are not specifically tied to the asset transfer proposals for Beer but are general aspirations for the development of village assets.